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Mega Value 4 Pack + Free Delivery


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Mega Value 4 Pack + Free Delivery 

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Our best value ‘Something 4 Everyone’ Pack



Our best value ‘something for everyone’ pack inlcudes:

Ten Years In – The 4 Ingredients Story

Ten Years In is a short story about the foundation and formation of 4 Ingredients, lessons and learning’s along the way, the importance of persistence, determination, hard-work and above all, embracing life and love by simply being grateful.

With more than 60 percent of small businesses closing within the first three years of starting, 4 Ingredients not only survived but against all odds, all warnings, all foresight, hindsight and blindsight – it thrived! Owner Kim McCosker says, “You don’t need an MBA to build a business, you just need a good idea.”

Kim shares how her good idea came to be, and how with dogged-determination and passion, grew to the well-known and trusted brand it is in Australia today.

Reportedly one in every 7 homes has a copy of a 4 Ingredients cookbook. Questions about 4 Ingredients have appeared on Australian TV shows, and the brand has consumer traffic heading to social media websites in the millions every single week.

As the world gets busier, 4 Ingredients emerges as the ‘go-to’ cookbook for busy people at the end of a busier day, both in Australia and globally.

The Easiest Slow Cooker Book Ever!

Winner Of The 2017 Gourmand World Cookbook Award – Best Seller.

The Easiest Slow Cooker Book Ever! (written by 4 Ingredients’ Kim McCosker) contains deliciously created recipes, that are EASY, FLAVOURFUL, FAMILY FRIENDLY and SIMPLY AMAZING! Sit to a dish of meat so tender it’s falling from the bone and chicken so moist that every mouthful is savoured. Create soups and vegetarian meals where foods have developed, delivering restaurant flavours in homestyle cooking. It takes just 10 minutes to prepare your slow cooker in the morning, and at the end of the day walk into an aromatic home, reminded that dinner is done!

4 Ingredients Healthy Diet

Is a must-have for the kitchen, helping people to eat simply with flavour, while making the best food choices available.

This book makes home cooking easy in the way previous 4 Ingredients titles do. However, it is also focused on making better choices in foods to fuel our body with. 4 Ingredients Healthy Diet has been created as the ‘go-to’ cookbook for easy, everyday achievable meals using ingredients that the human body is naturally designed to digest. Understanding the nutritional value of what we eat, complemented with regular though moderate exercise and plenty of water, is the key to maintaining an overall wellness and the basis of 4 Ingredients HEALTHY DIET.

4 Ingredients Celebrations

Is a collection of delicious food, celebratory drinks and ideas to make every occasion amazing! Be it an intimate family event or entertaining for a crowd, Celebrations shares clever recipes and tips for year round entertaining.

Whatever the occasion, be it a Birthday Party, Christmas or New Year, Engagement or Wedding, Dinner Party or Barbecue, there is always a reason to gather for great food and fun.

All four books including free delivery. Oustanding value.

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