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4 Ingredients Kids (The Original)

4 Ingredients Kids (The Original)

4 Ingredients KIDS (The Original)

Hundreds of imaginative recipes your kids will find absolutely scrum-diddily-umptious

With three gorgeous kids, it has been an absolute delight introducing our boys to Popeye’s Pies, Spaghetti Cupcakes, Caramello Slice, Dinosaur Eggs, Pizzadillas, Cake Pops & Taco Popcorn.

4 Ingredients KIDS (black & white edition) is loaded with fun, imaginative & healthy recipes for babies, toddlers, teenagers and BIG kids too. It aims to;

* Introduce kids to a lot of different foods & ingredients.
* Provide inspiration at meal times without spending too much time or money in the kitchen.
* Relieve tantrums at dinner time & help your child to develop a LOVE of food.
* Get your kids in the kitchen preparing, not just eating.

Cooking is a life skill, and when your kids are only navigating 4 ingredients and a few sentences, cooking great food, quickly has never been so easy.

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