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4 Ingredients Fast, Fresh & Healthy (Digital eBook)

4 Ingredients Fast, Fresh & Healthy (Digital eBook)

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4 Ingredients Fast, Fresh & Healthy was a collaboration with the world’s leading Mind Body Spirit Guru, Deepak Chopra. Deepak seeks to teach the benefits of incorporating a healthy lifestyle for increasing inner happiness.

The book includes over 400 delicious recipes based on Deepak’s nutrition science. It shows you how to use fresh fruit and vegetables, herbs and spices to create tasty meals. You will learn how to take just 4 ingredients, combine them and make delicious pastas, salads, guilt-free desserts and so much more.

It will transform the way you eat as you discover the wisdom of nutritious food that is healthy, fresh, appetising, as well as being quick and easy to prepare.

Enjoy recipes from star contributors like Jimmy Barnes, Marcia Hines, Dr Wayne Dwyer and the ever-spiritual Louise Hay.

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