4 Fabulous Ways to Enjoy Hot Cross Buns - 4 Ingredients
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4 Fabulous Ways to Enjoy Hot Cross Buns

History or Hot Cross Buns

DID YOU KNOW? A 12th century monk was the first person to mark the bun with a cross? NO? ME EITHER!

According to IrishCentral reports (a media company based in NYC) a monk baked the buns on Good Friday, in honour of the upcoming Easter holiday, and they soon gained popularity around England as a symbol of the holiday weekend.

However, the first definite record of hot cross buns comes from a 16th and 17th century text stating: “Good Friday comes this month, the old woman runs, with one or two a penny hot cross buns.”

Why do we LOVE Hot Cross Buns?

It would seem that Hot X Buns have been loved world-over for centuries. Delicious, doughy, raisin-studded rolls traditionally eaten during Lent (which begins on Ash Wednesday and finishes 40-days later) and especially so in the week leading up to Easter.

Naturally, being 700-odd years old, there are many varied ways to enjoy your Hot X Buns. But the #1 trending way on Honey Kitchen (Channel 9) this week (which just happens to be one we developed for our good friends at IGA Australia) is our favourite.

Hot Cross Bun S’mores

What’s better than hot cross buns? Hot cross buns with Nutella, of course!

Hot cross bun s'moresClick here for the recipe!

Hot Cross Bun Pudding

An old-fashioned family favourite that has been “EASTER-FIED”!

hot cross bun bread and butter puddingClick here for the recipe!

Hot Cross Bun Alaska

A twist on your favourite Easter buns that will no doubt be a hit with your family and friends!

Click here for the recipe!

Toasted Hot Cross Buns

OR … Eat them just as my Dad does, served straight out of the oven, with lashings of butter and strawberry jam.

Kim xx
Kim McCosker


I created 4 Ingredients to save you time & money in the kitchen. I hope you enjoy our recipes.

Kim xx

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