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Our Community

A saying I included in TEN YEARS IN, a beautiful hard-cover book I wrote to commemorate 4 Ingredients’ 10th birthday in 2017.

Giving is always in style

Since inception, 4 Ingredients has averaged at least 100-hours of pro-bono work.

Pro bono” comes from the Latin phrase “pro bono publico” which means “for the public good.” We feel it important to give back to the community in which we are blessed to live, and to the greater community who have supported us throughout our journey.

Each year, 4 Ingredients supports not-for-profits, charities, fundraisers, community breakfasts, lunches and our own annual “High Tea By The Sea” which to date has raised over $267,890 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

We have given away and posted over 2,500 copies of various 4 Ingredients cookbooks to schools, clubs, hospices and fundraisers.

We have given over 400 Random Acts of Kindness to people in need that we have met on our social media platforms.

We have cooked with the disadvantaged, minority and marginalised.

We have a big box with over 350 Thank You certificates from hundreds of community organisations.

We truly believe that the more you give in life, the more that comes back to you.

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National Breast Cancer Foundation

High tea by the sea 2019

Every year 4 Ingredients joins forces with Coastline BMW, THE MOST AWARDED BMW Dealer in Australian history, to host HIGH TEA BY THE SEA a fundraiser that this year, bought 600 generous souls together to raise much needed funds for the NBCF and the extraordinary work they do in the field of breast cancer research.

National Breast Cancer Foundation

1 in 7 Women & 1 in 675 Men in Australia will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetimes. Well that was enough for us to start fundraising, which we did writing 4 Ingredients Cook 4 a Cure, published September, 2014. Since then, 4 Ingredients has proudly donated
to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the extraordinary work it does raising much needed funds for breast cancer research.

I truly believe that in my lifetime we will see a cure for breast cancer ... But it will require research, and that in turn, requires FUNDS!

If you are able to, please donate here

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