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9 Million Cookbooks Sold
9 Million Cookbooks Sold
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4 Ingredients was written to save you time & money in the kitchen!
Kim McCosker

4 Ingredients aims to SIMPLIFY all forms of cooking by creating quick, easy and delicious recipes which are:

Made with
4 or fewer
Explained in an
average of only
4 sentences
Made using just 1 cup,
1 tablespoon and
1 teaspoon
Made with ingredients
easily found in your
local supermarket!

When I first wrote 4 Ingredients I thought our target audience would be busy Mums, just like me. I have been ASTOUNDED by the number of men, students and retirees who have embraced the 4 Ingredients philosophy.

It is my desire to write gloriously simple cookbooks that start with a beautiful baby, and his or her transition to solids, and follows them all the way through to retirement ~ cookbooks that span a lifetime.

I have now written over THIRTY 4 Ingredient cookbooks to facilitate this journey; regardless of age, gender or cultural tastes there is something for everyone looking to simplify life in the kitchen.

On this journey I have been AMAZED to learn what you can make with SOOOO few ingredients. It has revolutionized my life in the kitchen … And on behalf of the 4 Ingredients Team, we hope it does yours too!

With Love & Nourishment

Kim xx

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